Pimenta out injury + transition period made Pogba fail with Man Utd

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Paul Pogba ‘s agent Rafaele Pimenta sees injuries and the club’s transitional period as the reason the player in his care failed at Manchester United . Returned from Juventus for £89m in 2016, he has led the club to just two trophies in a disappointing six years at

Old Trafford. Decided to part ways with the “Red Devils” to go with the “Zebra” free of charge for the second time during the past summer. But he hasn’t played a single match yet. due to knee injury

Pimenta sees Injuries and hardships during United’s transition were key factors in Pogba’s failure in top-flight.

The Frenchman returned to Juventus in the summer – although he hasn’t played yet due to a knee injury – and his agent Rafaela Pimenta has opened up on his United woes. Pimenta has succeeded the late Mino Raiola, who died in April, as Pogba’s primary agent.

‘Paul has played regularly for Manchester United without injury. When he was injure. It was a different story. He didn’t choose to be injured. But he plays without injury,’ he told the UFABET 

. ‘I think Manchester United are now in transition… United are in the process of reviving and I think Paul was part of that period. They are still in that period. And they will get through it I had no doubts about that, but Paul was in those moments.’