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Blackjack is a very popular card gambling game at online casinos. which is the specialty of online casino games will be at the style of play that is not easy Anything can always happen where we can use our wit and skill to play to help. The opportunity will come up, reducing the risk of loss for online casino gambling enthusiasts. Then have a flair to play easily. But if anyone wants to know Online blackjack card games how to play in order to become a card master in the future

Rules for playing online blackjack card games

– Give the first card to everyone. In which players will have a number of 2 or more. After all cards are dealt, everyone can draw an unlimited number of cards. You can draw cards until your hand reaches 21 or close to it. But if the point is more than 21, it is considered losing immediately. So let’s use the tact to play, but how if the points in our hand will not reach 21 points, but pray that the dealer scores more than 21 points, we will have the right to bet.


Point counting of online blackjack card games with online casinos

  1. Let A be equal to 11 or 1 point and each game which the dealer will tell The number of points played in each round
  2. Cards J (Jack), Q (Queen’s Mam), K (King) have a point equal to 10 points.
  3. Cards 2-10 are worth the face value of each card.
  4. The total of the cards equals 21 points, can be regarded as “Black Jack”.

Results in playing online blackjack card games

– If the point held exceeds 21, it means that it loses immediately. lose bet

– If everyone gets the points they hold in their hands Satisfied, the dealer will open up to the dealer for 17 points, we will not be able to draw more cards, it is considered the end of the game.

– You can only win the game if you get more points than the dealer. Or if there is a higher score, if there is a tie, the payback will be equal. สมัคร UFABET

Techniques for playing online casino card games

When the player gets less than 15 points, you draw more cards. Will get closer to 21 points, but be careful of drawing more than 21 points because that means that we will lose the game immediately. Therefore, before drawing cards, you must think carefully and carefully. It will help us win the game.