History of Sic bo Casino games that have been together for a long time

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Sic Bo is a casino game that gamblers are familiar with. It is another game that is very popular especially in Asia. It has been picked up for service on many online casino websites. Which is classified as the TOP 5 best casino games that make good money and is a casino game with a long and interesting history. Very much. Many gamblers may have passed their eyes or have played before. But still do not know the history of the origin of Hi Lo Kan. Today we will bring information about the history of these Sik Po. so that you can get to know more

Sic Bo or Sic Bo is a casino game that originated in China by a group of villagers who are construction workers. Which brings clay to create a dice for playing. By engraved numbers on each side The way to bet will be to predict what number will be drawn. By taking a lump of clay created and throwing it on the ground and see what number comes out, if the end is correct, take the money home. In terms of the rules used for betting, it will vary from place to place. Both in terms of betting and betting rules are not the same. Later, it has been developed gradually. Until it is the dice that are use in casinos today, including the rules of play have been develope to be more standardized. สมัคร UFABET

Rules and Methods of Playing Online Casino Sic Bo

Basic dice will have a total of six faces, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, which will use a total of 3 balls, which will shake and see what numbers on the face of the dice that face up. If the face of the dice out all 3 of the same points, it will be a three design, the prize money will be as high as 1:180. But the chances of getting it are considered difficult as well. For newbies, it is recommended to play with high – low, better. Because the chances of winning are 50-50, that is higher than other types of betting. Even if the payout is a little less, but focus on the rounds if correct often. got the same amount of money The process of playing Sic Bo in an online casino website is easy to understand and not complicated. Let’s see what’s better.

  1. You must have funds in your account to place bets.
  2. Let you choose the amount you want to bet.
  3. Choose the format you want to bet on. Each game has approximately 30 seconds to decide.
  4. When the time for placing bets runs out, the dealer will shake the dice. If the result is the same. The bets will be credited to your User account immediately.